It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Roger Federer is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) when it comes to men’s tennis, and he only strengthened that argument when he won his 20th Australian Open title today. His comeback after being injured for the better part of 2016 has been amazing, and it’s likely that he will regain the top spot again. 

We thought we’d treat you to some scintillating Tennis from all his Grand Slam victories. 

Wimbledon 2003

Australian Open 2004

Wimbledon 2004

US Open 2004

Wimbledon 2005

US Open 2005

Australian Open 2006

Wimbledon 2006

US Open 2006

Australian Open 2007

Wimbledon 2007

US Open 2007

US Open 2008

French Open 2009

Wimbledon 2009

Australian Open 2010

Wimbledon 2012

Australian Open 2017

Wimbledon 2017

Australian Open 2018