There are a lot of hothead athletes, but the quotes of some of the best trash talkers in sports will surely crack you up. Here’s a list of sportspersons who can’t seem to keep their cool in games and like to call a spade a spade.

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Conor McGregor

The UFC has produced a number of impressive trash talkers over the years. MMA is a sport that requires one to be tough before, during, and after the fight. However, Conor McGregor is on a league of his own. The Irish fighter goes well beyond the call of duty when discussing his opponents, verbally emasculating them even before the fight has begun. This gives him the psychological edge long before he steps into the octagon.

Chad Johnson

The man formerly known as Ocho Cinco was one of the most talented trash talkers to ever play the game of football. The Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver famously kept a list of cornerbacks he faced in his locker, crossing out their names in post-game interviews when they failed to cover him. Johnson would climb inside the minds of his opponents and rattle their cages with stunning consistency.

Michael Jordan

For two decades, the NBA watched in awe as Michael Jordan ran roughshod over anyone and everyone who got in his way, and much like the others on this list, he utilized trash talk with great efficiency. MJ would constantly call his moves during games, infuriating defenders as he swooped by them on the way to the hoop. Jordan didn’t care who you were, if you got in his way, you were going to be subjected to a wave of no holds barred verbal abuse.

Muhammad Ali

He may not have invented trash-talking, but boxing great Muhammad Ali helped perfect it. As big of an influencer as Ali was while he was still sending opponents to the mat, he left an even bigger mark on the psychological game in sports, as he would downright disrespect opponents before, during and after fights with his words. The problem for all of those guys? Well, Ali almost always backed it.

Mike Tyson

The thing about Mike Tyson is that he just blatantly didn’t give a damn. He didn’t care if what he said made any sense, who he might be offending or if it was crossing the line because, to put it frankly, everyone feared him—and with good reason, as the guy was berzerk in the ring.

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