Virat Kohli, from the outside, looks like a guy who’ll kill to do anything he wants to, but from the inside, he is just another human being. He is another guy who cares about other people and how they feel. Kohli might look like an aggressive and fiery person but is a person you always go to when you require something, and he will be the guy to sort the problem out for you. There have been many instances where Kohli has shown his humble side, which is rarely seen on the cricket field.

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In 2018, a youngster in the Royal Challengers Bangalore camp who had seen the most challenging things in life made it to the grandest cricket league in the world and was now playing for one of the biggest teams. We are talking about none other than Mohammad Siraj, who overcame all the obstacles to reach wherever he is today. One of the times he asked Virat Kohli before boarding the flight to Hyderabad for a match whether he’ll be able to come to his house for dinner after the game. Virat said he had a stiff back so that he won’t join, and Siraj knew about this injury and agreed to it. After the game, Siraj went to his house and was surprised to see Virat Kohli there and his other RCB teammates. He fell into the fun trap set by Kohli so that he can see the surprise look on the face of Siraj. Siraj was delighted and took to Instagram to thank everyone, including Kohli and other squad members, for visiting his home for dinner. It was a great move by Kohli, and it was indeed a great bonding experience for everyone and Kohli also said the food at his place was incredible. He added that the way his family catered to everyone was commendable and was nothing short of extraordinary. He has promised Siraj and his family that he’ll visit his house more often than not.

Even though Kohli has an aggressive side that people tend not to like sometimes, there is no denying that he has a calm and composed side that has to be seen and appreciated. This is one reason why he is considered one of the game’s great players because he knows what to do very well in every situation.