The World Test Championship final is upon us, and the chatter amongst the fans, players, pundits have already been flowing in. Both the teams have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time now. Over the two-year cycle of the inaugural World Test Championship, India and New Zealand have proved that they are made for this stage and have battled through obstacles and faced formidable challenges to reach here. The occasion of being part of the World Test Championship final is big enough, but both the teams are eyeing to win it. The winner of the world test championship is set to receive a lot of things.

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The first winner of the inaugural World Test Championship is set to receive $1.6 million (11.76 Lakh Rupees), while the runners-up will receive $800,000. The money is not the primary motive for the teams, and it is just a bonus for the effort they have shown over the past two years. If the match ends in a draw, both the teams will have to share the prize money as they would be declared as Joint-winners of the World Test Championship. Another significant achievement will be that the World Test Championship winner would be getting the ICC Test Mace. Earlier, this ICC Test Mace was given on April 1 of every year to the team top of the ICC Test rankings. But now, the ICC has decided to award it to the team that wins the World Test Championship, which is considered a fairway. India is still the current holder of the ICC Test mace for five straight years. This tells the world about their dominance in test cricket over the years. India’s test fortune has changed a lot under Virat Kohli, taking them from 7th position to the very top in such a short period. A similar story can be talked about New Zealand captain Kane Williamson, who took over the side full of troubles and has now turned them into a feared side across the world.

It will surely be a riveting game of test cricket, and fans would be tuning in from across the world to see this exciting five-day contest of test cricket. 

Image Credit: Hindustan Times