At Wrestlemania, the entire wrestling world was treated to something extremely magical. John Cena went down on his knees to propose to his girlfriend Nikki Bella. It’s not the first time something extremely romantic has taken place in the otherwise violent world of WWE.

Let’s take a trip down the memory lane and relive some of these moments.

Edge and Lita have sex onstage

We hope that a lot of other couples do this. It’s the kind of entertainment that you can find only in WWE.

Al Wilson Proposes Dawn Marie

Al Wilson is Torrie Wilson’s father, and Dawn Marie is Torrie’s nemesis, making this love story a little weird. And that’s not only because Al is old enough to be Dawn’s father. Still, like they say, love is blind and if you don’t have reservations about the age-gap, this segment was quite romantic.

Triple H doesn’t let Stephanie McMahon marry Test

One of the biggest marriages in WWE’s history, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H’s relationship has stood the test of time. Even though, both of them have done some nasty things to other wrestlers, their love story as a separate entity is worth emulating. In this scene, Triple H plays someone straight from a romcom.

Lilian Garcia and Viscera kiss each other

Viscera must be four times the size of Lilian Garcia, but at WWE, weird romances are common. And this one segment where they share a kiss onstage, is certainly etched in our memory.