Manu Chandra talks about his favourite Indian designers and how style is an important element of one’s personality.

  • Fashion or style to me is comfort first, an extension of your personality next, and finally a man’s ability to stand out in a crowd.


  • Linen pants are comfortable, but not when worn with coloured underwear.


  • If you don’t have the wares to show off, don’t. A tight T-shirt may accentuate the biceps, but the gut hanging out just kills it.


  •  Be comfortable in what you wear; squeezing into skinny jeans and running to the washroom after every drink is plain lame.


  • It’s great if you have a Gucci belt, but don’t wear it out like a cowboy; it’s to hold the pants up not to show your bank balance.


  • Sunglasses are for sunny weather; they look fairly lame on a January evening.


  • How you carry a suit speaks volumes about whether it belongs on you in the first place. Again, the skinny suit isn’t for everyone. Try good ole tweeds and khakis instead, which make quite a statement.


  • Walking into parties with daft things inked across your T-shirt is very goofy. It makes you come across as a funny guy but not a man with a great sense of humour.



  • Cologne is a garnish, a compliment to your style. Yet if you must insist on being the room freshener for the evening, please stand in a corner or near the farthest plug point.


  •  Any man who can carry off a hat successfully is edgy. Also, just because a man is wearing jodhpurs, it doesn’t mean he is, well, trendy or edgy. The well-dressed men in my opinion are Johnny Depp, who is a natural and totally comfortable in whatever he wears, and Tom Ford who redefines the suit, almost making me want to wear one. But my style icon is Prince Charles – I’d kill for those threads he sports.


  • Among my favourite Indian designers are Manoviraj Khosla and Hemant Sagar. I like their style and their work.


Manu Chandra is the  Executive Chef and Partner at Olive Beach, Bangalore and Monkey Bar.