From refreshing woody notes to the sweet scent of black cherry, these four launches will reignite your love for perfumes in the most exquisite sense


Just the word metallic oozes a certain sense of coolness, with some sparkle and a feeling of a classy demeanour. Tom Ford Metallique has this really modern yet sensuous scent, which has a special element that makes it stand out. This fragrance has notes of aubepine—an ancestor of the rose known for its complex, spicy aroma— that, when layered with notes of vanilla and creamy sandalwood at the dry-down, creates this really comforting scent that will make heads turn and smile. Also, the bottle of the fragrance is really cool. It’s a silver-tone bottle with a gold-tone metallic label that encapsulates the perfect blend of warmth and coolness of a metal that this perfume is all about. This fragrance would be perfect for an afternoon event.


This one’s like a forbidden fruit in a bottle that looks like a luscious pink candy and gives this flirtatious vibe between playful and indulgent. Tom Ford Lost Cherry brings back the enticing smell of the exotic black cherry. Imagine picking out a black cherry out of a glass of liqueur. With sweet and dark notes, this fragrance can be sensuous and seductive, while Turkish rose and jasmine sambac bring a certain earthy note and ground it. Packed in a slender bottle of translucent pink glass, the Lost Cherry is the perfect fragrance to inspire a certain sense of intrigue of what a person’s taste is like. In fact, Tom Ford describes this fragrance as: “Luscious. Tempting. Insatiable. Lost Cherry is a full-bodied journey into the once forbidden, a tempting dichotomy of playful, candy-like gleam on the outside and luscious flesh on the inside.” The packaging has a playful use of red and pink, with a cherry-red cord tied around the neck of the bottle, to make you curious about the scent trapped inside the bottle.



Perfumes have to reflect a man or a woman’s personality more than just smell ‘good’. To pick a fragrance that brings out the best of your nature is tough, but the Fougère Platine, with its extravagantly mysterious and mischievous notes is for those with an extroverted, edgy character with an indulgent personality that isn’t afraid to show who they really are. Notes of the woods blend with clary sage, bergamot and basil and a hint of lavender, which allows you to be boisterous yet sober in your choice of fragrance. This scent also works on many levels if your choice is intense, as the base composition of cedar wood, patchouli and tobacco leaf will add richness to the scent. It’s the perfect choice for an evening out where you have to make that right first impression. The bottle, which comes in a chocolate brown set-up, will make people stop and stare at your dressing table too.


Reinventing a classic perfume is always an experiment, but the reinvention of Fougère, 

Fougère d’Argent, by Tom Ford Beauty is the exact definition of what a bold scent should be like. You need a scent that stands out in the most vibrant yet subtle manner, and the combination of mandarin with bergamot do the trick quite well. For someone who is looking to change their signature scent to one that’s more real and telling, this will be the perfect fit. Perfume-lovers, the bottle is to die for. The perfume is presented in the signature Private Blend bottle with a sleek, sophisticated look of a chess piece, which only adds more mystery to what’s really inside the bottle and the ultra-luxurious packaging makes it a perfume that will not only be noticed from afar for its scent, but also for the elegance it exudes.

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