We love a good bucket hat. And why wouldn’t we? It’s an easy accessory that can be paired with literally anything. 

A ‘90s staple, the cool headpiece has made a massive comeback and can add much-needed oomph to your look. It has been dominating menswear runways for some time now. Seen at Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Dior, Fendi, Burberry, Off-White and other brand’s showcases, this hat is a multi-functional essential to be sure. 

And Ranveer Singh — who has been seen donning it on multiple occasions — knows how to rock the look. Be it while running errands, promoting films or, even while vacationing, the actor has managed to incorporate the headgear into his style in a versatile manner. 

If you’ve just purchased a bucket hat and are wondering where to start, take some inspiration from your favourite Bollywood celebrity. Check it out.  

Here, the actor went for a logo-emblazoned, tie-dye bucket hat from Louis Vuitton, which he paired with a multi-coloured statement jumper.  

In this look, Singh opted for an uber-cool Hawaiian printed shirt and went for a basic logo-highlighted beige Prada bucket hat. 

For a day out, he opted for the plaid bucket hat, which complemented his signature printed shirt. 

An animal-printed bucket hat can be tricky, but the upside is that it acts like a statement piece in itself. Just take a look at how Singh pulls it off. 

For a lazy-day look, Singh paired a bright orange bucket hat with his usual bomber jacket and sweatpants. 

If logomania is up your alley, this hat is for you. A head-to-toe Gucci look, Singh looks gorgeous in this one.

Here, the actor went for a black bucket hat, in keeping with the monochrome attire. Perfect for all occasions, if you ask us. 

If you are new to bucket hats, earthy tones are great start. Or, opt for the classic charcoal grey hat to complete the attire. 

(Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Ranveer Singh)