With over 100 films, Dilip Kumar belonged to the golden age of Bollywood that produced some of the best cinema of all time. Apart from being known for his iconic roles, the actor was also the ultimate trendsetter during his time.

From wearing plaid coats to paisley printed scarfs, Kumar was a style icon in his own way. Describing his off-screen style, celebrity stylist Isha Bhansali says, “Dilip Saab’s off screen style was dapper yet endearing. His suits channelled the symbol of the 40s and the 50s all throughout his journey. Structured, oversized blazers with relaxed, pleated high waisted trousers. His ties were slim and Lapels were broad. Mostly suited off duty, he was a dapper suave and charming man. He’s left behind a legacy in style along with his prowess as an actor.”

If you were to see, these styles can be easily worn by anyone in today’s fast-paced world. Let’s a take look at some of his signature styles and how you can try them in 2021.


Dilip Kumar

Celebrity stylist Rishi Raj thinks, “For me, the best Dilip Kumar look has been the preppy look where he is in a suit. The suit was made for Kumar and he looked so dapper in it, that one look he really carried well. If you want to recreate that kind of look onto yourself, make sure your jackets and trousers are not super tight, which has become the norm of the day. Keep it slightly easier on you. Breathe easy in it and keep it a tad bit casual, cause that kind will bring the confidence and the projection in you. A relaxed yet business kind of a look.


Dilip Kumar

The scarf worn by Kumar served as an inspiration for various actors throughout the decade and has been making a comeback even now in different ways. Raj thinks that the popular tie-up neck scarf became the actor’s signature style and might be one of the first ones to bring it on the screens. It can be carried in any way possible. Scarfs can be draped in any style these days and there are so many options available. Just try to keep it tone on tone, do not go too flashy with your scarf because that becomes the focal point of your look.


The actor was known for wearing fancy jackets that suited his overall aesthetic. His most famous white blazer and tie became one of the most popular looks of his time. Apart from coats and jackets, he brought in the craze of sweater and top that he wore in Andaz.


Dilip Kumar

Kumar’s hairstyle is a classic. The side style of hair is donned by many even today. It served as an inspiration latest hairdos over the years.

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