Wearing denims to work is a dream. But at work, which is a formal place, you cannot wear a pair of denim with a T-shirt and call it a day. There are certain rules that should be followed. Jeans are casual, after all.

That doesn’t mean you need to skip denim altogether. If you’re planning on adding a pair of denim jeans at workplace, you should know that you need to put slightly more efforts than usual times while dressing up.

Pair with formal shoes

Let’s start off with your shoes. We usually tend to opt for chunky or standard sneakers with a pair of denims. But for your workplace, choose a sophisticated dress shoe or loafers.

Darker shades of denim

Try avoiding light-coloured pair of jeans. Stick to darker shades that bring out most of the outfit. Darker denim looks more sophisticated and it contrasts very well with light coloured shirts, making you look more refined.

Suit Jacket to the rescue

A suit jacket with a perfectly fit denim can do wonders. Just make sure that the fit is perfect and not too loose. A loose and low hanging denims can really tone down the outfit as it tends to look too informal. Stick with darker denim while pulling off this tip.


Accessorising should be tasteful, so be selective about the right kind of accessory that would complement your outfit.

Tucked-in shirts

If you do not wish to go into accessories and wear any added elements, just tuck in a collar shirt in your jeans and it will do wonders. It’s a simple trick and it conveys that you really put efforts into your look.

Combining with simple outerwear

Choose simple, tasteful jackets and coats that give a hint of subtle sophistication. You should keep in mind to sync up your outerwear to the jeans you’re wearing. Keep in mind that this is your work outfit, so every add-on need to be as important as everything else.