Almost everyone around us is obsessed with the mobile game PUBG a.k.a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and are familiar with the rewards and items that can be unlocked for their online avatars. 

BAPE is a Japanese streetwear brand, founded in 1993, which is popular for urban streetstyle clothing. In 2018, the multi-player battle game and the popular streetwear collaborated which allowed their users to accessorise their gaming avatars with BAPE’s in-game items such as hoodies and frying pans. 

And now in the 2019 collection, the fans can physically purchase their digital items into real-world items. It is also reported that it will be also available for purchase in select stores and online. 

According to Hypebeast, the fans can get their hands on select items such as shorts, backpacks and the Shark Hoodie in all orange camouflage print, which is a fusion of BAPE’s and PUBG’s graphics together. The orange camouflage print would also include black and white tees and caps. The in-game collection would feature camouflage jeeps, frying pans, parachutes along with hoodies, sneakers, shorts.


The collection will be available for purchase on 31 August on and when it hits BAPE retailers around the world. The hoodie is estimated at $570 (approximately Rs 39,900) and the backpack is priced at $315 (approximately Rs 22,050). Every item purchased would include an in-game redemption code. 


(Image credits and Header credits: BAPE)