If you were in the market for a men’s scent in the late nineties or the aughts, you will instantly recognise two fragrance bottles from the Hugo Boss line. The first – Hugo for men, an aromatic green perfume and then the second – Boss Bottled. that debuted in 1998. Both these scents came as a breath of fresh air as gentlemen began to ditch heavy scents that had defined men’s fragrances for decades. It was also a time ‘metrosexual’ gained currency and Boss Bottled was probably crafted for the affable gentleman who was a people pleaser.


Hugo Boss hasn’t stopped cloning Boss Bottled Tonic that stood out with its pleasing, almost sweet vibe. In two decades the brand has unleashed more than ten flankers for this scent. Part of this strategy has been to retain the original bottle. The only tweaks have come with the varying shades of the bottle and the packaging. This time Boss opts for an icy cool blue that reveals the fresh vibe of this scent with a silver bottle cap. One of Hollywood’s popular stars – Chris Hemsworth, has been chosen to front this scent. It’s part of a clever strategy to make an end of the millennium scent relevant for a whole new audience. 

What’s in the Tonic:

The 1990s classic Boss Bottled worked because it was easy to wear and also did well on the ‘staying power’ front. The new Tonic works with its easy vibe too. It’s tough to escape the fresh burst of energy when you give it a swirl. Blame it on zesty citrus notes like bitter orange, grapefruit and lemon that combine with green apple for a perfect high-energy start. Spices – ginger and cinnamon, dominate the heart of this perfume while the base notes feature the warmth of vetiver and woods. Boss Bottled Tonic is certainly reminiscent of the original but it’s not quite sweet which is not entirely a bad thing.


If you’re looking for a safe gift option for someone you don’t know intimately (fragrances are an extremely personal choice), Boss Bottled Tonic is a clever option. It’s very easy to wear, especially on days when your frayed nerves can use some calming down. Projection is average, your friends can’t smell you from a distance. It’s the same with longevity; it’s not in the same league as the original and won’t last endlessly. This one’s the perfect tonic for weekend outings or a humid day at your favourite holiday destination. 

Boss Bottled Tonic costs Rs 5600 (100 ml) and is available at major department stores across India