Chanel has acquired a majority stake in Italian shoemaker Ballin.

Founded in 1945 in Fiesso D’Artico, the Italina shoemaker brand employs 200 people and subcontracts its products to several luxury houses while also marketing shoes under its own label. This move comes after the French brand earlier made a purchase of the Italy-based Gaiera tannery in July.

“Chanel is one of Ballin’s main customers and this decision was motivated by converging interests: Ballin’s need to rely on a solid partner who can guarantee long-term visibility to the company and Chanel’s willingness to reinforce an essential supply chain for its business and that of luxury as a whole,” reported Pambianco News. “The Paris-based maison and Ballin have been working together for many years and share the same corporate vision. This investment offers a more lasting framework of collaboration being part of the continuity of an already established relationship.”

The brand is positioning itself as leading luxury brand with ownership of its supply chain, investing in small factories, artisans and techniques essential to making its high end products.