My ten style rules for men would be as follows-

  • Know yourself, your strengths and your limits.
  • Know when enough is enough – find that balance.
  • Pick what brings out the best in you. Find things that say something about you.
  • Understand the importance of fit and develop a low tolerance for anything ill-fitted.
  • Be consistent.
  • Invest in quality.
  • Try to invest in garments and accessories that are flexible – things that can be worn in different ways and look different every time.
  • Understand the value of good shoes.
  • Use your accessories as a means to communicate personality.
  • Always be sexy.

-Fashion reflects creativity, is trend sensitive and something transient. On the other hand, style is personal, it can be inherent or acquired. Style is knowing how to put things together, just the right amount, to make the maximum impact.

-I’d like to think that my style is minimalistic, always about the ensemble and never about any particular product. Knowing yourself is very important. I am honest with myself. In everything I do, no one element speaks more that the personality.

-Everyone likes nice things – sometimes they can be branded. Finding something that is indigenous to you may have to do with a humble discovery. Finding that balance is key.

-I prefer to stick with classic options more often than not.

-My last purchase was a pair of Altan Bottier shoes.

-Among the men I find stylish are David Gandy and Tom Ford. Gandy is one of the few men that was able to allow for his great looks and sense of style to influence. I admire Ford for his arrogance and sheer knowledge of how to push and how far to push. Closer home, I would have to say Imran Khan and Saif Ali Khan are the inherently stylish guys.

– Grooming products are a must as well. For me, they must include a face wash, moisturiser, a nose hair trimmer and a fragrance that’s personal to you.

The wardrobe basics for every man, according to me, are as follows-

  • Well-fitted white and navy blue T-shirts and shirts
  • A great pair of white jeans
  • A pair of jeans with just the right amount of fade
  • A healthy arsenal of shoes, which includes must-have white sneakers
  • A broken-in pair of kolhapuris
  • Sunglasses that suit one’s frame
  • A slick cardholder or wallet