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NYC’s ‘Extra Butter’ Launches First Flagship Store In Mumbai

A piece of New York in Lower Parel

In the vibrant streetwear and sneaker culture world, one name that consistently shines is “Extra Butter.” This renowned boutique, deeply rooted in the heart of New York City, has now landed in Mumbai, finding its home in the city’s most ‘New York’ location, Utopia City in Lower Parel.

The opening of their flagship store last night set the stage for a community united by their profound admiration for Extra Butter. Dressed in trendsetting cargo pants and adorned with flashy accessories, both men and women gathered to groove to the beats of Gandhar, Prithvi, and Sickflip. Thanks to Budweiser, the bar kept the buzz alive, and the store radiated an ambience reminiscent of a Hollywood movie set. Interior designer Sarah Sham of Essajees Atelier worked magic to ensure the store retained its authentic NYC vibe.

What truly sets Extra Butter apart is its ability to seamlessly blend two seemingly distinct worlds: the realm of streetwear and the domain of cinema. Each piece of merchandise is meticulously curated to spin a unique narrative, drawing inspiration from iconic films and significant cultural moments.

The store showcases an extensive collection of sneakers and streetwear, featuring both well-established brands and emerging favourites. From A Bathing Ape to Dhruv Kapoor, Drôle De Monsieur to Gramicci, John Elliott to Marni, Neighborhood to Pleasures, and Thug Club, their selection covers a broad spectrum of styles. Additionally, Extra Butter offers the finest selections from leading footwear brands such as Adidas, Asics, Birkenstock, Converse, Crocs, New Balance, and Puma. The clothing section is a fusion of timeless streetwear essentials and exclusive collaborations, making it a destination for fashion enthusiasts seeking a compelling narrative.

Extra Butter’s presence in Mumbai is more than just a store; it’s a testament to the belief that clothing can be a canvas for personal expression and storytelling. The store will start its retail operations from 9th Sept 2023.

● Store Address: Extra Butter
Utopia City, Madhusudhan Road,
Pandurang Budhkar Marg,
Lower Parel, Mumbai – 400013
● Store Timings: Monday – Sunday 11 am through 9 pm
● Phone/WhatsApp: +91.96196.18883