From reimagined trends to experimental colours, fashion designers and stylists share their predictions for menswear fashion 

‘New Year, New Me’ is applicable to everything. It’s time to step out with a brand new wardrobe filled with trending styles. From vibrant hues and bold cuts to reimagined trends of past decades, fashion experts predict that menswear in 2022 will be anything but boring. If you’ve been looking for ways to awaken your inner trendsetter, now is your chance. 

Fashion designer Kunal Anil Tanna predicts, “In 2022, I feel men will try to experiment with bling, and that will be the highlight of the year. Fashion needs to come back to its full bloom, so hopefully, this year will be safer than what we had in the last two years. With a more positive attitude towards life in the coming year, I feel the colour palette may start with few radiating vibrant tones, still soft and pastels, but colours such as ivory and blues will prevail.”

Dior Homme : Runway - Paris Fashion Week - Menswear Spring/Summer 2022

“The fashion industry has opened its door to all. It has merely come down to what our eyes like and what makes us feel good. 2022 will welcome the unseen, where each one of us can set trends with just a post. Menswear will become an expression of emotion with men becoming more aware and conscious about their identity. There will be chaos, and a clash of patterns and colours that will dominate men’s style. Even the pieces from the same collection won’t look much alike,” explains designer Siddhant Agrawal.

As the world of fashion has witnessed drastic changes post-pandemic, Agrawal feels the line between office wear and casual wear, menswear and womenswear, formal wear and casual wear has blurred. “The future seems brighter and very experimental for men. They no longer shy away and boldly pull off cutouts and so-called feminine prints. Designers will be appreciated more for their novice ideas and creativity, and they will have the opportunity to enjoy this freedom and boldly pull off cut-outs,” he adds.

Designer Yadvi Agarwal of Yavi opines, “Bold, abstract printed cotton shirts paired with Bermuda shorts and flip flops will be one of the major trends of the year. It is still the new normal. I think people will want to live a bit more. The colour palette is going to be bright as it can be with hot oranges, yellows, and subtle sky blue.”


And what about the biggest trend of 2020 and 2021 — athleisure? Krishna Chandak, co-founder of TEGO explains,Although there is a pent-up demand for newness as social interactions increase, activewear and athleisure style lounge collections will still continue to dominate. Consumers have evolved during the pandemic and have refocused their energies, and many have discovered how to look after themselves. This will lead to demand for products that are comfortable yet put-together. Brands will focus on developing timeless products with an understated flair; clean, versatile designs differentiated through materials and precision stitching to let you move from the Cafe to Crossfit classes. There will be greater attention on the use of cutting-edge fabrics that are lightweight and soft, yet supportive for adapting to high-intensity movement.”


Taking sustainability in footwear a step ahead, Amar Preet Singh, co-founder and COO, Neeman’s opines, “Sustainable footwear will be at the forefront of customers’ minds. Where 2021 was about creating awareness around ethical wear, 2022 will be about adopting it. Also, environmentally safe fabrics will be popular in the coming year. Relaxed and multipurpose footwear, especially the slip-on style. With businesses and social life opening up but work-from-home culture still prevalent, more people will opt for comfort. Therefore, shoes that are tough and durable but still soft and comfortable will be in vogue. Retro and classic will also spark renewed interest, and will be in fashion.”

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The popular colours of 2022 will be on similar lines as the defined trends. The shades of blue, pink for both genders will gain traction. Yellow and green, caramel, and grey, too, will dominate the first half of the year, opines Singh. Agrawal adds that the new voice of fashion seeks comfort, honesty, hope and a non-judgemental peaceful future. Thus the palette shall have many bright colours, even neons. Similarly, Chandak says that the rising focus on sustainability and localisation will translate to nature-inspired tones that are earthy and versatile (khaki, green, red), with an introduction/hint of metallics like blue and tinted greys. You will also see pastels being used as accent colours for a sophisticated yet radical look. 

Neema_s ReLive Knits- Sneakers

There will be a spillover from 2021 with respect to creating clothing that is focused on comfort: the use of cuts and soft fabrics that provide relaxed silhouettes that work for lounge and social wear. Focus on aesthetics that are unfussy, yet create an impact. Brands will need to understand that customers will seek productivity through apparel that is more versatile over individualism, for example, neon pops and camo prints. This means that ‘Active Fashion’ sensibilities will change, if not already, in the new year, suggests Chandak.