Designer Kunal Rawal shares his tips to make a style statement. Take notes.


■ I believe in the motto ‘dress to de-stress’. Dressing up should be fun. I personally gravitate towards interesting separates that I put together, depending on my mood.


■ I like to always have one fun element in my dressing. There’s a ring I own that I never remove. Other than that, it could be a graphic or print, or some interesting shoes.


■ I started my label to be able to create clothes that match my sensibilities and aesthetic sense. The silhouettes I use most often are casual, long line T-shirts, long-line bundi jackets as well as short kurtas, which can even be paired with western jackets.


■ My favourite brands include Rick Owens for comfortable casuals, Belstaff for jackets, Balenciaga for denims and All Saints for pretty much everything.


■ London has to be my favourite shopping destination. I’ve lived and studied there, and I go back very often, so I’m updated on where to get exactly what I am looking for.


■ Every man’s wardrobe needs a few essential items. In my opinion they include a well-fitted black blazer, sneakers – preferably in a darker shade – that can be used for day and night, a pin-tucked bundi in a dark shade, a good pair of sunglasses and a backpack to carry your stuff around.


 ■ I’m a huge fan of Acqua di Parma. I rely on them for my perfumes, deodorant sticks etc. Also, I can’t leave home without Kiehl’s Facial Fuel. I use Matte Hed for messy, texturized hair. I don’t like a very well-groomed look; Iprefer my hair slightly unkempt.


■ I’ve already decided what my next few purchases are going to be. I have my eyes on a Rick Owens formal parka. I also want a new pair of high-top sneakers that Owens collaborated with Adidas to create. Also, Dolce & Gabbana have a new range of cartoon T-shirts.


■ My go-to Indian look consists of a black kurta paired with a black bundi jacket. With western wear, I have three favourite shirts that I pick from. I usually pair them with a scoop-neck T-shirt and sneakers.


■ I strongly believe that good design is worth the steeper price tag. These days, people value contemporary design a lot more. Besides, it comes with the guarantee of good quality too.