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Check out Arrow’s new 4-in-1 shirt

That’s four separate functions in one shirt.


Arrow has released a new series of shirts for men that are exactly what you need in a tropical environment. This new 4-in-1 shirt is essentially tailored towards keeping you looking fresh throughout the day without the need for changing your clothes. How does it do this? The shirt is designed to be crease resistant, along with being stain resistant, odour resistant and UV ray resistant as well.




Admittedly, that’s a lot of work for a shirt to do in a day, but Arrow claim to have achieved this with top notch technology. For example – the shirt is equipped with an anti-microbial element called ‘silvadur’ that doesn’t let sweat related, odour causing bacteria grow. It has also been UV treated so it blocks most UV rays to make sure you stay cool. It’s also supposed to be relatively water resistant, so stains are easier to wash off. And it does so while still being a high-quality shirt. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself.