In another step towards popularising the Fit India movement, actor Salman Khan is launching his own set of gym equipment, reports The Indian Express.

Khan will be doing so under the Jerai Fitness line, having obtained 100 per cent manufacturing rights. According to the paper, Khan’s objective is to make fitness affordable to every Indian and reach out to the rural areas as well – not only to inspire others to get fit but also gain employment as fitness entrepreneurs and the like.

Celebrities turning into entrepreneurs isn’t a new fad. It’s been around as long as Bollywood itself. However, there are a few good eggs who’d like to give back to the fashion industry and their fans in their own special way— by creating a fashion line.

The newest member of the celebrity-turned-designer club is none other than rap mafioso Badshah with his new collection called Badfit. The rapper’s new clothing brand is all about gangster vibes. Bomber jackets with monograms, classic flannel shirts in wild colours, badass graphic t-shirts— you name it, he has it. That’s what happens when you’re successful and stop counting the number of shoes you’ve got (currently stands over 500 pairs, he previously confessed). From Hrithik Roshan’s HRx to Virat Kohli’s Wrogn, you’ll never fall short of options when it comes to style created by these guys.

Hrithik Roshan – HRx

Launched in October 2014, Hritihik Roshan’s brand of sportswear is what every guy needs for the gym. The ‘x’ in HRx stands for extreme, meaning you can always push the limit.

Image: Official website

Shahid Kapoor – Skult

With athleisure being big over the last few years, Shahid Kapoor decided to join in on the fun by designing a bunch for you.

Image: Official website

Sonam Kapoor/Rhea Kapoor – Rheson

Your girlfriend/partner will fall even more in love with you if you take her to Sonam and Rhea Kapoor’s Rheson haul. The idea was to create a fashion line that’s modern chic yet rooted in Indian aspects. Celebrities do make love stories come true.

Image: Official website

Virat Kohli – Wrogn

Just like Virat Kohli, the rebel in you needs a bit of edgy style. His clothing line Wrogn is about breaking the rules, so go ahead. Break the rules.

Image: Official website

Anushka Sharma – Nush

Despite the trouble her brand is in, Anushka Sharma’s Nush has still maintained its position as a popular choice among fans. The “high street meets Indian style” mood board is very Sharma. Someone definitely took cues from her alleged boyfriend. She’s candid about the fact that the clothing line may not have products that suit her but can look great on other people.

Image: Twitter

Sachin Tendulkar – True Blue

Retirement suits Sachin Tendulkar, only because he was able to give us the True Blue clothing line by partnering with Arvind Fashion Brands. You’ve got Indian jackets, light chinos, band-collar shirts and linen pants. There’s nothing wrong that Tendulkar can do with True Blue.

Image: Supplied