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Carletti – Zodiac’s Transcontinental Shirt

Zodiac’s new range made from exquisite single 100’s Egyptian Giza 87 cotton is the end-product of a manufacturing journey covering 3 continents.

They say that seeing is believing, but when it comes to clothing, the feeling is a testament to the truth of the design. Apparel brand Zodiac with its decades-long experience in men’s sartorial excellence understands this very well. Which is why, their new range of Carletti shirts personifies luxury, comfort, and style— all in the same product.

Carletti is a well-travelled collection of shirts. First, the Egyptian Giza 87 –also known as ‘long staple cotton’— is sourced from Egypt. It is then sent to Italy for weaving into shirt fabric. The fabric is then stitched into shirts by Zodiac in their ultra-modern shirt manufacturing facility in this country.

Exquisite fibres make the cotton used in this collection extra special. Usually, a yarn as fine as a single ply 100’s or single 120’s yarn would break during the process of weaving. The case of Egyptian Giza 87 cotton, however, is different. The unusually long fibre is both strong and almost silk-like to handle, while its incredible softness defies deterioration with every wash. The creation of a fabric from a yarn so delicate and pure involves the use of  modern digitally controlled and sophisticated looms.

The high-quality fabric that goes into the making of Carletti shirts is complemented with finer details in the construction. Split back yokes, embroidered branding, formal collars, cuffs, side gussets, tail bottoms, and removable collar bones are available in both tailored as well as classic fits. And then there is Zodiac’s signature trinity mother of pearl buttons, all of which makes this shirt truly special.

Carletti shirts range from Rs 5499 to 5999. Get your very own Carletti shirt at a Zodiac store near you.