As coronavirus has continued to spread globally, t has had devastating effects on the health care industry. Health care workers have been forced to deal with shortage of medical supplies including face masks, gloves, and gowns, making it difficult to take care of patients and themselves.

To help the shortage, luxury fashion brands have been coming forward with their help in the form of donations or making necessary medical equipment. The latest brand to join the group is Chanel.

“Today we are mobilizing our workforce and our partners…to produce protective masks and blouses,” says a statement from the brand, as reported by Reuters. The fashion house announced that  face masks and gowns will be produced in its workshops in France.

Currently, prototypes are being created within Chanel’s workshops which will gain approval from French authorities before they can be mass-produced. In addition to working on face masks, Chanel has pledged to pay its French workers for two months. The luxury brand has also donated 1.3 million to an emergency fund for the public hospital system in Paris.