Nerd chic is also a thing in menswear.

If you’re from the 70s or 80s, let’s just assume your childhood photo albums are splashed with what now seems like bad taste in fashion but actually isn’t so bad. The over-sized spectacles; dad jeans digging into your crotch area; and more style moves are back in the future, which is today. Although, the crotch part has gotten better with good tailoring. One of these trends luckily seeped into our wardrobes this year: the old school fabric style corduroy.

Corduroy’s long-term association with the nerd culture has gotten itself a less popular vote in the style section. But speaking in terms of what’s hot in today’s time, the style has secured itself a virtuous stand among others in menswear and I couldn’t be any more prouder.

What will earn Corduroy its stripes, you ask? The key lies in the wearing the right kind of clothing. Incorporating the style in the right amount and colour is what gets you the points in the game. For example, the Giorgio Armani pants are strictly for casual wear, due to their bagginess. So, pairing it with a shirt under a hoodie under a sweater may seem excessive but the final call is yours. Another Corduroy option is a classic tan jacket. It’s a great day wear for when you’re traveling and you decide pop in for a beer at a bar in an obscure tiny village in Ireland.

Going full out with Corduroy on Corduroy is a risky move. However, if done right, like this Dior Homme suit, is a sure-shot winner.

Giorgio Armani


Dior Homme