Style with a conscience is the new black.

Your monthly haul from high-end stores not only costs you a pretty penny but also has an impact on the environment, and definitely not in a good way. Although, things can change for you and the earth without loosing out on the quality or the comfort of the things you buy. How, you ask? Get to know the brands that are making a difference, one great product after the other.

NRG shoes

When NRG opened entries for a competition to convert carbon emissions into a usable product, they probably weren’t expecting shoes as an entry. However, the prototype of a shoe without a carbon footprint. had shoe designer D’Wayne Edwards (of the Air Jordans fame) and design engineer and inventor Marcel Botha developing it an actual pair.

Nike’s “super material”

Post an increase in business in 2015, Nike made room for projects that would have less negative impact on the environment, like fewer carbon emissions and reduction of waste. In order to support that project, the brand came up with Flyleather which is basically “recycled leather fibres that are melded together with a polyester blend, allowing for more flexibility than traditional leather.”

11:11 (Eleven Eleven)

Aiming at eco-conscious and sustainable fashion, 11:11 is a unique luxury label. The brand mixes old with new style ideologies making it into something entirely different. Materials are considered as waste are ucycled and created into something beautiful and wearable, giving it another chance at being consumable.


Doodlage’s founders were rather disheartened to witness an enormous amount of material going to waste, which is why they took it upon themselves to give the world sustainable yet affordable fashion.


In Marwari, ‘Péro’ means ‘to wear’. However, in the world of fashion, Péro is a brand that everyone looks to for eco-friendly fashion. The idea of Péro is that takes international aesthetic and local materials, only to mash them into products that are wearable by everyone and anyone. This is one of the few brands that maintian the Indianness of fundamental clothing giving people everywhere a chance to be stylishly ethnic.