Celebrating its 110th anniversary, Ermenegildo Zegna has made an addition to another chapter to its commitment toward honouring its legacy and sustainable vocation.

A new initiative has been launched by the Italian fashion label that in its community to partake in its same values and approach by becoming an active supporter of Oasi Zegna, a 24,710-acre natural reserve surrounding the Zegna wool mill in Italy’s  Piedmont region that includes hydrangeas, rhododendrons as well as 500,000 pine trees planted by the founder in 1930. With the Fall 2020 campaign, the brand asks people to be part of Zegna Forest and become an active supporter of OASI Zegna.

Now, consumers can support the cause by buying an engraved wooden heart crafted from Italian trees, fallen naturally or cut down for safety reasons. All the sale proceeds will help safeguard the unspoiled landscape as well as contribute to enrich the forest with new plants. It will be exclusively available on the brand’s official website.

The label also introduced another sustainability project, titled as #UseExisting. It talks about how the brand is using pre-existing and post-consumer fibres that are reworked for a new life in a #UseTheExisting garment. This is about reinvention and also makes the dream of zero waste possible.