During both the Milan Fashion Week and the London Fashion Week, a “waist-up” approach by brands has been noticed as they come to terms with what people want to wear during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

For example, fashion brand Prada has placed its logo around the neckline of its tops and come out with coats that look like blankets draped over your shoulders. While the brand said that it was not inspired by Zoom, it did take inspiration from the “contemporary human relationship with technology”.

“Fashion is about reacting to reality,” said Miuccia Prada, head designer of Prada, at its virtual Milan fashion show to BBC. “During lockdown, I realised how important technology is and how it is impactful for us, and in some ways, an extension of ourselves.”

“Moving the logo up to the neck is a good way of keeping your brand out there and making a fashion statement. People still want to appear professional, when working from home especially, but now we see a shift towards a more casual relaxed look,” said Deborah St Louis, founder of Fashions Finest to Cristina Criddle for BBC.

“I’ve never seen so many elastic and drawstring waists in my life,” said Lauren Indvik, fashion editor at the Financial Times. “All the stylists are talking about ‘waist-up’ dressing because that’s all everyone sees these days.”

(Header image: @prada on Instagram)