If you’ve ever wanted to know how a dressed up celebrity feels on the red carpet, Gucci’s latest offering will be everything and more. The luxury fashion house is now offering a DIY (Do it Yourself)  service out of its Gucci Store at the Trident in Mumbai where customers can customise a range of jackets, blazers and coats on the lines of what they see celebrities wear on red carpet.

All the jackets available for customisation are fully-canvassed, and patrons will have a range of silhouettes to choose from, both for day and eveningwear. There will be a wide variety of fabrics and buttons, as well as host of monogram lettering options. Gucci is also creating a selection of linings featuring bright patterns in silk foulard to go on the  jackets and  trouser waistbands. Customers can also customise  formal shirts with a variety of collar and cuff options, as well as symbols and monograms.

The service signals Gucci’s continuing commitment to tailoring. It is the brainchild of Creative Director Alessandro Michele who wants Gucci patrons to realise the potential of self-expression through their clothing. The idiosyncratic combination of materials, detailing and decoration on offer is in keeping with the designer’s love for the  British punk attitude, where the clothes one wore has always been viewed as an extension of  one’s  personality.

Gucci’s DIY tailoring in Mumbai has finally made it easier for Indian men who want quality suits tailored to their personalities.

Images: Supplied