We caught up with Isha Talwar, so that she could give our readers tips on how to look good. 

n Confidence always ups your sex quotient, so carry off your clothes with élan even if you think you are not-so-well turned out.

n Stop playing it safe with black, blue and grey all the time, but please don’t go overboard with colours either.

n If you like what you’re wearing, you’ll automatically feel good in it. But keep evolving your style with time – you can’t have the same tastes and preferences in your thirties that you did in your twenties.

n Ditch the stripes and explore prints like flowers, geometry and other shapes and patterns.

nExperiment with Indian fabrics and weaves once in a while. Ikat and khadi, for instance, are very wearable.

n Dress as per your body type, and not according to the latest trends. You need to know what looks good on you and avoid trying to fit into clothes just because you think they are cool.

n Work out regularly to have a great pair of shoulders for the right suit, a great ass for your fitted trousers and to release happy hormones and feel good all the time. It’s always a game-changer.