A few days ago, Brad Pitt was spotted delivering groceries to low-income families in Los Angeles. The 56-year-old actor was seen handing out boxes of food to crowds of people in need and spotted driving the delivery truck to transport the goods.

While doing so, the paparazzi were able to capture his casual outfit for the day, which is one the easiest and outgoing fit to follow this year. The star was spotted wearing a checkered flannel shirt and distressed denim along with white sneakers and a blue mask.

If you are someone who wishes to experiment with flannels and patterns, this is the place to start off. You can buy a basic flannel shirt and casually pair it with a white t-shirt. Flannels are a staple piece that can be found in every man’s wardrobe. Be it concerts or casual meet-ups, the good-old flannel shirt can be your best friend for every outing.

The key here is to style the piece in a way that it goes with your overall aesthetic. Take a look at these three celebrities looks to help you figure out your style.



Timothee Chalamet is sporting a direct flannel shirt, a direct way to wear the trend.



Similar to Pitts’ look, Ryan Gosling has layered the flannel shirt with a basic white t-shirt for an airport look.


Justin Bieber’s hooded flannel is yet another way to include the elements of the shirt. A combination that comes out as casual and brings in the loungewear element to the look.

According to Page Six, Pitt was working nonstop to unload and deliver boxes to those waiting in long lines. “Brad really did seem like a hero. The man did not stop all day. Just seeing him driving a big truck in South Central LA during COVID times was in itself amazing,” the source told the Daily Mail. “He was completely committed, you could see it wasn’t a case of him turning up and showing his face.”

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