Instead of a live fashion show, Jeremey Scott teamed up with Jim Henson’s Creature Shop for Moschino’s Spring/Summer 2021 fashion film. The film showcased  40 new looks using 30-inch marionettes.

Produced by Alex Winter, the seven-minute short, “No Strings Attached,” features a full runway show. The creative director stated that the fashion film was shot in just three days.


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“I tried to look at all of this as opportunities, not obstacles,” Scott told Variety ahead of the film’s Times Square premiere on Saturday morning. “My mantra has been from the very beginning, ‘My body may be in quarantine, but my mind isn’t.’ I’m a creative person who is extremely used to lots of people, travel, all these different things going on and to have everything just stop, I had to think about how to create and deliver the emotion of my work.

“I think in the end this format of me having created this film rather than a live a show is also way more inclusive with many more people being able to experience what only a few people usually get to experience live,” he said.