Can we talk about this incredible collection for a sec, Abel? Thanks.

How did you feel about your first collaboration with H&M?

The Weeknd: It was so great to see how people around the world responded to my collection with H&M. All summer long I’ve seen people come to my shows wearing pieces from the collection, and it’s that feeling of community that I love about fashion. It’s great to be able to create this world through H&M, and it made me excited to work on this second collection. It made me want to push it further, and see how far we could go.

Can you talk about this second collection with H&M?

The Weeknd: Once again I’ve selected my favourite pieces from H&M’s collection, and because we’re moving into Fall I’ve put the focus on sweats and hoodies. I was so happy with the first collection, I wanted to put my stamp on the pieces even more. We’ve been much more playful with the logos and graphics on many of the pieces, and I love the sense of identity that runs through the collection. This collection is the same as with everything that I do – it’s about the right detail, and a total feeling of authenticity.

What are your favourite pieces from the collection?

The Weeknd: I really like the varsity jacket, because it plays with the idea of Americana. It’s great to put my own twist on pieces and give them some edge. I love the long black parka because it’s so understated, with a really exact design. The slouchy shape of the oversized hoodie is perfect, and the sweats with the The Weeknd logo are like a new basic to wear every single day.

How do you think people should wear this collection?

The Weeknd: It’s been so great seeing how people wear the first collection in their own way. Once it enters the stores, it’s really in the people’s hands, and I love it when anyone expresses their individuality. For me it’s about the contrast between casual and smart, and the elevation of what used to be called streetwear. I don’t see them as separate – I think pieces like hoodies and bombers are the new classics.

You announced this new collaboration on your tour. How does being on stage affect what you wear?

The Weeknd: Music is my life, so I don’t see any real difference between what I wear on stage and when I’m off-stage. For me, performing is not about costume changes. It’s about being true to myself and feeling the connection with the crowd. That’s why I wear on stage the same hoodies and sweatsthat I wear in my own personal time. I guess that’s why this collection has connected so well with my fans, because I can relate to them, and they can relate to me and what I wear.

You broke the news on Instagram. How do you think social media has changed fashion and music?

The Weeknd: I think it relates to this idea of community. When people follow me on Instagram, they become part of this global community of people around the world who share the same point of view. It’s the same as when they wear a piece from this collection. More than ever, music is about this global community, whether it’s the track you’re listening to, the tour you’ve got tickets to, or the sweatshirt you wear that tells the world you speak the same language.