Mango is planning on reopening stores as many countries begin to loosen their coronavirus lockdown policies. According to FashionUnited, so far 1000 stores have already re-opened and remaining 344 are scheduled to open by June 2.

The Spanish brand has reopened 1,050 stores in 72 countries, including Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Israel, the Netherlands, Poland and South Africa. They have also also reopened 234 stores throughout France and Spain, which had been closed since March 14 and 15. According to the company, “these two markets are the most important for the brand in terms of turnover.”

The brand said it has introduced hygiene measures to all of its stores, such as disinfecting, supplying protective equipment, social distancing measures, reducing store capacity and high-temperature steaming of garments. Th fitting rooms will only be accessible to the customers, if they particularly request for it and would be directly cleaned after use. This initiative would be seen in Europe, Russia, Turkey and New York City over the next two months.

The brand had maintained its online presence throughout the lockdown, except the restricted areas. Earlier this month, it announced a donation of one percent of its in-store sales revenue to the World Health Organization’s solidarity fund to support affected health groups during the coronavirus pandemic.