Rainy Season

5 Stylish Essentials To Have In Your Closet This Rainy Season

There is no need to go about looking like a wallflower everytime the skies burst open

The rainy season can be a seriously dull one. Everything is wet, everyone is cranky and nobody feels like dressing up because of the fear of getting mud splattered all over their outfits. However, there is no need to go about looking like a wallflower everytime the skies burst open. Here are a few accessories you can try out for the monsoon:

Trench coats

Kickstart this monsoon in style with suave trench coats from Luxury and Bespoke menswear label, SS HOMME. The double-breasted trench coats are a seamless blend of structured form and unique functionality that is sure to make a debonair fashion statement.

Rainy Season

Graphic umbrellas


Your umbrella doesn’t have to be as gloomy as the sky or as dark. Opt for umbrellas which are bright, have witty captions and make you feel better.




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This is one item of clothing that you’ll probably have to use during the rainy season. While its always nice to be utilitarian and have one that covers all the important bits, why not try out a coat which is as fashionable as it is useful?


No, not the cowboy ones. Look for hats which cover your head properly and are also water-resistant.

Clear raincoats


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They can be so gorgeous that they deserve a special mention. Opt for a transparent raincoat so that you can flaunt your outfit and stay dry at the same time!



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Try out this stylish transparent bag instead of the ones that will do nothing to keep your items dry. However, a clear bag can also be a disaster if you have stuff you’d rather keep hidden.