Recently, Tommy Hilfiger launched the Spring 2020 TommyXLewis collaborative capsule collection created by American designer Tommy Hilfiger in collaboration with World Champion and global brand ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger men’s, Lewis Hamilton. Here’s what he has to say about men’s fashion and the new collection.

How have you grown as a designer since your first TommyXLewis collaborative collection?

From the get-go, Tommy has encouraged me to push boundaries as a designer, and my inspiration has become more personal and meaningful each season. For Spring 2020, we were directly influenced by my personal street style and the causes that are most important to us. The collection celebrates the idea of “loyalty” which I have tattooed on my arm, so the spring 2020 collection feels very close to my heart.

Can you tell us why it was important to you to design a collection that celebrates the notion of “Styles for All?”

Inclusivity has always been close to my heart, particularly as I was an outsider when I started my racing career. Tommy and I both believe that fashion should bring people together, and we wanted to convey this through our collection.

Define the collection in three words.

Modern. Inclusive. Fresh.

Where did you take your inspiration from this season?

I was inspired by the way the world is changing, from wanting to be more sustainable to designing for all audiences. I also thought about the way I’m changing, reflecting on the styles I’d want to wear myself and the values that are most important to me.

What are the most versatile pieces from the collection?

The reversible bomber and utility parla would look great on anyone.

What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned from Tommy?

Tommy has taught me so much about using fashion to express your values. Loyalty has always been important to me, and by working on this collection with Tommy, I’ve learned so much about how you can take a concept and turn into something physical, lasting and impactful.

What does loyalty mean to you?

To me, loyalty means unwavering support – through the ups and downs, the good and the bad. Loyalty is seeing someone or something through the end. I wouldn’t be where I am without my family, friends, fans and the team supporting me since day one.

What’s your take on the collection’s sustainability element?

Every season, we’re incorporating more sustainability elements into our designs, and I’m really excited about what we’ve achieved this season. Over 75% of this collection features sustainability elements, from 100 per cent organic cotton to Sorona® down and low impact denim.

What is your favourite piece in the collection?

Every piece in the collection feels special to me, but as an animal lover, I feel especially great wearing the outwear pieces that contain Sorona® – a renewably-sourced, plant-based fiber that is a sustainable alternative to down.

What is the importance of fashion for self-expression?

Fashion is the ultimate vessel for self-expression. When you get dressed in the morning, you are deciding who you want to be that day. Through your sense of style, you can reinvent yourself or experiment with your identity.

How do you hope to inspire fans of the brand with this collection?

I want fans to walk away feeling proud of who they are and what they believe in. Be loyal to both and you’ll go so far.