Moda Rapido is a fast fashion brand by Myntra, which is powered by Artificial Intelligence. The brand works without human interaction, meaning the brand does not have a head designer role at all. All the garments such as t-shirts, jeans, kurtas and shoes are generated by the use of computers.

In earlier times, the AI technology would figure out certain attributes like a placket with a contrast that was selling well or a Chinese collar that was very popular or a particular type of cuff design that worked well. The designers would then take those attributes and design a shirt but now human intervention is zero.

The computer is filled with data from digital space, which the computer scans to see what the customers are looking for. Using computer vision and Artificial Intelligence on the scanned data, the platform creates thousands of permutations and combinations and gets on what would sell best.

The brand has now grown to become a 50 crores brand in 18 months. It has the fastest sell throughs and is notching up the highest gross margins compared to any other brand on Myntra. Myntra has 14 in-house brands, including Roadster, DressBerry, Yellow Kite, Kook N Keech, Invictus etc.