To celebrate the Earth Day, Nike has launched a range of new features to help consumers to identify its sustainable designs.

The sports brand has added “Shop Sustainable Materials” tab that applies a direct filter. Along with it, they will now also display its Sunburst badge on both its product walls in-store and on product display pages online, signifying that a product is made from at least 50 percent sustainable materials.

There will also be a new feature titled “How This Was Made,” that will give customers more insight into where things were sourced and how the product was produced.

“Earth Day, long credited with launching the modern environmental movement, is more than an annual observance for Nike,” the brand writes. “It is fuel to continue building on decades of advancing sustainability and setting bold goals for the future. From creating innovative ways to recycle shoes nearly 30 years ago to recent measures that address climate change, Nike has long been committed to helping protect the planet to create a better future for sport. After all, there is no finish line.”