Here are some fun facts you need to know about Onitsuka Tiger, a brand that comes with a cult following.

-Onitsuka Tiger is almost an eight-decade old brand. Kihachrio Onitsuka created the iconic brand in 1949 with a vision for sports as a medium to transform lives.

-If it were upto us, we’d choose Akshay Kumar as the unofficial ambassador since his penchant for shoes can be witnessed through his enormous collection, both on and off screen.

-In 1966, the Limber Up Kawa was designed for the pre-trials of the Mexico 66 games. The same legendary lines remain unchanged on every pair of Onitsuka Tigers and ASICS today. They now go by the name Mexico 66, their most popular range.

-The ‘Soft Marty’ shoe features metal free leather and works with a micro-knifing technique where the upper of the shoes is adorned with detailed incisions. It is their Eco-concept project and a beautiful limited edition shoe.

-The Nippon Made Series is the ultimate Japanese craftsmanship where, after the basic components of the shoes are first assembled, the leather making the upper is washed and processed in hot water, squeezed and then dried. The wrinkly vintage look thus achieved makes sure no two pairs look alike.

Take our word for it and go check out the store to experience a sure-shot shoe-gasm.