A Prada-Backed AI startup is set to create the first live-streamed 3D virtual fashion show since the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has forced the fashion industry to move digitally.

AI company Bigthinx will work in partnership with tech-meets-fashion events company Fashinnovation on the proof-of-concept event, according to an interview with Forbes magazine.

Models and clothes will be shown using 3D digital design and animation, based on technical data, including garment measurements and photographs of the models and clothes. The show is expected to be the start of a trend with Fashion Week events in Helsinki, Milan, New York and elsewhere declaring that they they will hold 3D virtual fashion shows this season.

Known in the fashion industry for a “body scan” avatar solution, Bigthinx uses two photos and a selfie from a smartphone to calculate 44 body measurements with over 95% accuracy. This solution is in use by eCommerce sites to help shoppers find a good fit and reduce returns.