Reebok has officially announced a partnership with Khalid. The footwear brand and the Grammy-nominated singer are teaming up to amplify a collective mission to inspire creativity, along with encouraging experimentation and self-expression in today’s youth.

The singer is set to make his brand debut this Spring 2020 for the brand’s first ‘Sport the Unexpected’ campaign of the year. The immersive elements of irreverence and the surreal will match Khalid’s authentic and charismatic self which will tell an unexpected story, highlighting both Khalid’s natural energy and Reebok’s heritage through a more ultra-modern lens.

To celebrate the partnership, Khalid shared a photo of him and his dog Maui who can be seen wearing a specially-designed Reebok doggy tracksuit. “I’m amped to partner with Reebok,” he captioned the post.



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all in the family with @reebokclassics ❤️

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