How the most amount of holes in your jeans is making you the least attractive man in the room.

Denim jeans have a damn legacy. Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss definitely knew what they were doing because now, this bad boy has a glorious history of over a century that makes other types of pants look tame.

What came after a solid 6-8 decades of denim demand were one of the 80s’ most rebellious trends: the distressed version of it. The influence carried over from heavy metal musicians in the West who were rocking a pair of distressed jeans to college students across India wearing them in the late 80s to probably woo girls because let’s face it, it wasn’t all that fashionable for a man to be wearing something so out-rightly fashionable for himself.

The 90s denim went back into the closet only to bring out mom jeans alive that both men and women wore willingly. It’s only a trend at present because people have access to better grooming tools to pair them with it, for as long it works for them.

However, coming back to distressed jeans, the sole purpose of this mouth off, is that you cannot afford to like you had to pay more for less any longer. Distressed is dead. No ‘long live distressed jeans’ slogans over here because it should cease to exist.

The point is that no matter how much ever you try and reinvent a classic, there will be a point in time where the attempt will fail to impress you anymore.

Do your research, pick up a damn magazine, feel the fabrics at the stores you do your usual haul at, no shame– just try and make better choices. The good ol’ leg cuts exist because they are classic: use them. Best of luck, see you out there and hopefully, in great pair of denim jeans.