A curated list of all homegrown menswear brands that you’ll need on your person at all times.

India is fast becoming an ideal playground for fashion and lifestyle, and a successful one at that. Women and online shopping were always intertwined right from the advent of online shopping. However, according to statistics, the men’s section of Indian online stores is seeing a rise in demand for menswear that isn’t average.

As new economics would have it, we hope– where there’s demand, there’s supply already being manufactured as this demand is in the process of coming into existence.

Saving you thousands of Google searches during your 15-minute lunch break everyday, here’s your essential guide to menswear and accessories from which you can buy everything you need to wear to the office, to a party to a beach, to a Sunday Brunch, and even to meet your girlfriend’s parents. Kindness comes easy to us.

Son of a Noble

John Jacobs

The Shoe Factory

Brown boy


SS Homme

Quirk Box





Rare Rabbit

Lacquer Embassy 

Bombay Perfumery



Mr. Button

UFF Clothing

Fighting Fame

Ray & Dale

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