It isn’t everyday you get your mind blown by something on the internet. But then again, yes there is, because the virality bug gets to you and you need to get the FOMO out of your system. In this week’s edition, PUMA goes street by releasing first-of-its-kind FOMO-inducing multi-lingual rap music video featuring only the streets’ best artists and stars.

With rapper Divine, dancer Mukti Mohan and performer Shilo Shiv Suleiman among other talented performers in the project, the video was directed by Sasha Rainbow and music was composed by Sneha Khanwalkar. What sets this rap video apart from the others is that the lyrics are in four different Indian regional languages, using the Indian streets as the topic of the rap. It’s a celebration of street art in the purest form, bringing out the passion, the determination, the resourcefulness and grit of each artist.

With an aim of celebrating 50 years of the iconic Suede sneaker, sportswear giant PUMA is succeeding in bringing street culture to life, in pure authenticity. What makes PUMA Suede ideal for this collab is due to the fact that the sneaker has been a cultural street and hip-hop symbol worn by legends over the decades, but is now bringing in a fresh and local perspective.

A legacy built by icons like Frazier Clyde and Tommie Smith, this PUMA Suede has been immortalised by athletes and hip hop artists alike. In India, this November, 2017, this one shoe unites rappers, street artists and dancers in one massive collaboration – The Suede Gully. Donned by hustlers and legends alike, this shoe is simple, classic and iconic. Available in a range of colours, the PUMA Suede is all you need to rule the street.