If you have been trying to find a way to hunt down that one gift which will mend it all between your  father and you,  and earn you his eternal respect then let me be the one to tell you that you need to wake up and smell the shinola. There is nothing that miraculous. But here is a fun and random smorgasbord of options to choose from.

Ikonic Electric Trimmer

Shaving is so passé. Get a good trimmer, one that will last a good few runs on a single charge, isn’t scared of getting wet, and delivers precision that is every barbershop’s secret sauce. I have been working with one and it’s as silent as it’s slick.

Bombay Shirt Company Nostalgia Collection

Nothing like a dose of nostalgia and this fun range from Bombay Shirt could be just the number. Cassette, cameras, or video games – take your pick from any of these graphics, choose between button down or something more casual, and take it all the way back to the 90s.

Korra Easy Pants

Denim was dealt a death blow by the pandemic and brands that didn’t pivot sharply and smartly today lie buried under. Home-grown Korra launched these superbly comfy jogger-style mid-rise trousers in a choice of super light denims that come with vintage brass trimmings. They sit snug yet amply roomy. And they are custom made.

Escaro Royale Shoes

If you want seriously high quality footwear and can be dissuaded from regarding fashion labels, then Escaro Royale is a good place to look. The styles range from the formal to the outlandish and quirky, but they all share the one common trait of being well put together with attention to detail. The mules are great for home lounging while the formal derby and oxford cuts are evergreen classics. From personal experience I can vouch for their comfort too.

Realme X7 Max

This brand has gone from new entrant to sophomore player to market leader in a short span of a couple of years. Their latest phone is so loaded with features (64MP camera, super-fast dart charging, on-board fingerprint reader, dual video recording, optimised charging, 120Hz refresh rate, Dolby Atmos capable stereo speakers) and so competitively priced that the only competition it truly faces is from another model from their own stable!

Viewsonic M2 Portable Projector

A device no bigger than the palm of your hand which can project an image bigger than most large-screen LEDs, has Bluetooth connectivity and inbuilt Harman Kardon speakers powerful enough to fill a moderately sized room. It can mirror your phone display so you can stream to it directly. Definitely a nifty device if your old man likes gadgets.

Tupperware Desk Cup

This cup should alternatively be known as “How to get through those interminably long virtual meetings without needing to refill your drink or heat it up again.” Now that says it all. Fits a large beverage and keeps it insulated, voilà! There’s also an insulated flask but then that’s just pushing it too far. Or is it?

FOReT Accessories

Veganism is still a cult for me, but sustainability is something I can always get behind. The belts, wallets, bags and bracelets from FOReT are aesthetically minimalist and mostly made out of cork and/or plant-based materials, stones and metal, thus allowing you to wear and flaunt your woke-ness, almost literally, on your sleeve!


In a non-pandemic year these would have been very separate categories but our new home-confined lives that we now lead have blurred many a boundary. Marks & Spencer and Uniqlo were possibly the early ones on the scene with some fab comfy options to lounge about in. Then came Dandelion with their initialled pajama sets. Recently I tried Snitch’s coordinated sets (aka coords) and they were good except for some sizing variation across styles. And then for something more premium, there is SSHomme who do bespoke versions (also in satin) with some very cool designs and cuts.