Most of us probably don’t realise that the largest human organ is our skin. And admittedly, it is also a highly ignored one (after the liver, in my case). But even when we do, we take care of our skin as we care for our teeth or an old toaster around the house — only tending to it when something breaks down or causes discomfort. Here are five brands that I have been experimenting with last year to rejuvenate my long-ignored skin.

Perenne: I got the Oil Control series, and it has worked well for my skin. Subtly packed in easy tones, premium but elegant, Perenne will attract people who want to keep their skincare regime simple. I have been using their toner to avoid feeling grimy during the day. The sunscreen was adequate without being too greasy. What I liked most was that their form makes them extremely travel-friendly, so I have added the Oil Control Clarifying Facewash and Clarifying Moisturiser Gel in perpetuity to my kit, where they have served me well, especially on road trips.

Perenne Oil Control Clarifying Toner


Glutaweis: Decidedly and unabashedly upmarket, this Swiss brand looks almost clinical in their approach to skincare, using Glutathione as their flag-bearer ingredient. It’s a natural antioxidant that can prevent (and reduce) damage to cellular material, which boosts your skin’s natural health. The products speaketh, or rather, appliquéth, for themselves. You needn’t apply too much; barely a pea-sized amount suffices, and given the pricing, you’d be wasteful to use any more. I highly recommend their Radiance range trio of cleanser, serum and cream.

The Glutaweis Glutathione Radiance range

Phy: Understated packaging, noticeable but restrained, subtle aromas across all products in their line-up and pricing that isn’t discouraging at all. The Mountain Rain series is what I experimented with. I particularly like the body mist, a product that few brands make for guys. Overall, this came across as an environment-friendly, easy-to-relate-with brand that was approachable and dependable.

Phylife The Office Essentials+Gift Box

Forest Essentials: A staple in most Indian homes, their skincare range is all about Ayurveda done the sincere way. Classy packaging, traditional but also contemporary, they are an Indian brand that possibly started the men’s skincare conversation in the country, and still sit at the head table. I tried their facial cleanser, where the heady sandalwood was deftly balanced with zesty orange notes. It left me feeling clean but never too dry. The accompanying moisturiser was light and non-greasy. 

Forest Essentials_Facial Cleanser Sandalwood _ Orange Peel

The Switch Fix: What happens when a socially and ecologically conscious lot decides to apply themselves to men’s skincare? You get a sustainable brand that helps nature, the world, and the people in it revive themselves. And then, they do some quirky stuff along the way like the tie-up with Blue Tokai — their coffee scrub under a hot shower made me feel like being inside a delicious pour-over. The Lip Scrub and Balm have also served me well.

Switch Fix Daily Grind