Blonde has always been known as the fun colour and not everyone can pull it off. Many actors and musicians have coloured their hair for a movie role or just to make a drastic change in their look. Since last few years, more and more men in Hollywood have been changing their hair to this iconic colour.

The 90s saw a surge of bleach blonde males from Brad Pitt to Eminem. These days, young Insta-famous models and singers are all giving it a turn. Just take Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik for example, both of them have managed to pull off the colour in their own ways.

It’s not easy to sport Draco Malfoy’s iconic hair with ease but few of them have definitely managed to top their old looks with a good old blonde colour. From Jared Leto to Adam Levine, check out the celebrities who actually went blonde and looked amazing.

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In 2016, Malik surprised his fans by colouring his dark black mane into blonde. We have definitely seen his famous blonde streak during One Direction era but this was completely uncalled for. After a while, the singer also added a delicate pink hue, completing the new-age rockstar look.



Efron gained fans’ attention for changing his hair in January 2019. However, the High School Musical star said the look wasn’t permanent. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he told that he bleached his hair, and not his beard or moustache after he “lost a bet with a friend. It’s kind of a double dare sort of thing.”

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Bieber has been a fan of the hair colour since last five years. He debuted the trend in 2015 and has continued to dye his hair since then. In 2020, the ‘Yummy‘ singer has bleached his hair more than three times.


Leto is known for his hair. He cut off all his luscious ombré hair to try out perfectly pale platinum hair. Preparing for his role as Joker in the Suicide Squad, the method actor dyed his hair green as well


Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine is also another celeb guy who joined the trend of going blonde. He also managed to switch hair colours and altered between pink, blonde and brunette. He said that his wife Behati Prinsloo is a huge fan of his blonde hair.

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