Oversized tailoring has been making a quite a noise since last two years. Big suits and blazers are the hottest clothing at the moment. Inspired by the ’80s and ’90s, designers are brining in more of the boxy fit suits on the runways. These days, anything oversized works. Be it cardigans or jumpers, the concept of a bigger size than the usual is becoming popular in all types of clothing. Right from streetwear to luxury runways, oversized everything has been put into action since past three years.

Big suits are something that can be incorporated on a daily basis. You can just throw a suit jacket or blazer over a simple tee and it becomes a loom right then and there. Celebrities are biggest examples to kick off such trends. Nothing like a famous musician or a fashion icon wearing a runway trend, making it popular across all platforms.

Let’s take some inspiration from some of the biggest names in the industry and see how they managed to channel their inner big suit energy.


Big Suit

Harry Styles’ retro Gucci look gave out major ’70s disco vibe. He wore a double breasted cream suit along with rose-tinted shades. The singer completed the look with pastel manicure.


Timothee Chalamet’s hot-pink loose monochrome ensemble is an ideal outfit for an informal event. The loose fitting makes the appearance even more flattering.

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Big Suit

A$AP Rocky paired an oversized suit with short trousers, perfecting an ideal casual plus modern take on the traditional garment.


Ryan Gosling’s monochrome suit highlight one of the many ways to wear colourful oversized suits. This look can be experimented for Sunday brunches or during weekend staycation.


Big Suit

If you’re looking for something traditional take on the big suit, Brad Pitt’s classic black suit has to be the one to refer to. Nothing like a good old black suit.

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