‘Tis time to say goodbye to the only grooming crutch you could rely on.

Most millennial women will agree that almost all men they’ve dated in their 20s have had a beard. At the same time, these women haven’t even seen the actual face of the men that they are or have been sleeping with, having drinks with and sharing hangovers with because a beard is an excellent mask of sorts that hides any trace of a man looking like Baby Spice or that kid from ‘Charlie bit my finger’ fame, so it may seem.

However, what women think doesn’t matter here. The point is, it’s been close to two decades and brothers flaunt their hirsute mugs in public spaces and still expect to be ogled for their dead-end facial fuzz. All whilst looking like every other guy on the damn street. The world is not The Real Slim Shadys reunion, stop making it one.

You’ll agree that occasional Bollywood beards are a result of character research and adaptation of the same. Most of them aren’t even relevant to the times we live in. While they still manage to inspire a trend –because what else will promote a movie if not an actor with whiskers– the bad news is, it’s still a trend, which by definition is, a concept that’s directly related to change.

At the end of the day, your beard “game” ran its course in 2014 and yet, you cling to it as if there aren’t any more solutions to your, let’s just say, mug with flaws that you could very much be okay with and that even your SOs/parents have been longing to see.

Image: @FilmPadmavati/Instagram