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Tom Tailor, the German high street brand, is now in India


Tom Tailor

You have more than 350 stores across 35 countries. What took so long to get Tom Tailor to India?
India for us has always been an inspiring country. Yes, we are spread across the world, but we are not under the pressure to get business in new countries. With, we realised that it was a great opportunity for two partners to build something and to introduce the brand to a wider audience in India. And plus, there is so much happening in this country right now; India is buzzing and we happen to like that very much.

Showstoppers Aditya Roy Kapoor and Monica Dogra for Tom Tailor at LakméFashion Week

Why did you decide to enter the Indian market through an online retail portal and not have stand-alone store?
The online platform allows us to introduce our brand to a wider community. It takes a long time to develop an audience through a store. I think that it is a great move to enter any market through online portals. We have not actually planned on expanding here, but maybe in the future, we may have our stand-alone store in India. It’s just a matter of the right timing.

Tom Tailor being a German brand, what do you think of the Indian retail market and Indian fashion?
I think currently the Indian retail market is great for Tom Tailor. India is open for opportunities and has a huge market for international brands. This works for us on so many levels. We have a range of simple, casual and uncomplicated lifestyle products, which are timeless. Our collections are mostly urban inspired, and there is so much ‘urbanism’ happening in India right now. So, I think this is the perfect time for us to be here.

One of Tom Tailor’s looks at Lakmé Fashion Week

How many collections does Tom Tailor have within the brand?
Tom Tailor has several small collections and lines. There is Tom Tailor, Tom Tailor Denim (for both men and women), Tom Tailor Polo Team, Tom Tailor Bonita and Tom Tailor Home. All these lines are very much inspired by what is happening in the world right now and of course, international trends. For example, the coming months will have a lot of music festivals across the world, like Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Glastonbury Festival, Lollapalooza etc. So our next collection, is a festival-inspired collection which will have a lot of shorts, T-shirts, prints, and even accessories.

What kinds of styles are you getting in India with Tom Tailor?
As of now, we have two collections in India; Tom Tailor and Tom Tailor Denim (both of them for men and women). It is a mix of casual and easy-formal clothing. Denims are the heart of our business. Our denims are not just denims; it is about getting the right fit and the right washes. Hence, we are getting our whole denim range to India. And apart from that, what we are trying to do is create a whole lifestyle with the help of clothes and accessories.