There was a time when all the grooming a fellow got was a turmeric rub before marriage. Thankfully, those days are long. Men like your father are living longer than ever before, as a result of which skincare should become a vital part of their health regimen, a pre-requisite for ageing gracefully, especially in an era when pollution and stress levels are an unavoidable part of our daily existence. So, where do you start when looking for something that is easy on the skin yet effective. There are two options, mass-produced products from leading grooming brands or more exclusive offerings from lesser-known boutique brands. We have chosen to go with the latter. Here are some names you would want to consider.


Pronounced pereney, their products are s at the upper end of desirable. They taught me the importance (and order) of cleanse-tone-moisturise (CTM). This time around, they had added a serum (S) stage and a protect (P) with sunblock stage, but I doubt any man will ever have the patience to all the way to CTSMP. Either way, their Aqua Restoration range and Radiance Day cream are premium, exotic like a tropical destination and gentle like a massage.

Khadi Natural

A homegrown brand that emphasises the use of natural ingredients, serves up a vast range of products that cater to skin and hair, and is exceptionally well-priced. I tried one of their kits and can assuredly say that the aromas and feel were both very agreeable. Slick packaging that’s contemporary yet traditional helps, considering they are sold all over India and 25 countries abroad.


Korean everything is the current buzz around the world, and this skincare brand is a top one to reckon. The aesthetics are minimalist, while the packaging is quirky. The products are mildly perfumed and pegged at a premium. The brand is a recent entrant into the Indian market and will find takers for anti-ageing and skincare routines. I experimented with their face wash and gel cream, and both felt soothing and refreshing.

Juicy Chemistry

This brand smells yummy, a touch herby and definitely healthy, like breakfast gin. I mean, a Kakadu Plum, Matcha & Blood Orange -Organic Face Mask sounds something only Willy Wonka could make, right? Aromatic sans oils or chemical intervention, cruelty and GMO-free, they are priced in that tempting sweet spot that can be termed as premium yet worth seeking out. Another standout product was the lime, ginger and lime soap bar.

Paul Penders

From their shower gel to face wash, toner, and aftershave, their products are aromatically balanced to smell lush and exotic. I wish they had slightly better-dispensing systems because it isn’t the easiest to pour out and use for the moment. Good products in simplistic packaging.

Man Arden Neem Range

The Neem range from Man Arden is an excellent East-meets-West story – grooming products that tout the goodness of Neem in a form and packaging that’s at par with the leading international skincare brands. I loved their coffee scrub last year, and this range seems a good addition to their stables. When getting the set, opt for the face wash with the in-built scrubbing brush.

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