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Parvin Dabas: The Actor’s Morning Routine

He’s ‘the morning person’ we’re all (secretly) striving to be

You’d never guess that Parvin Dabas is 49. The actor, who’s riding high on his role in Made In Heaven 2 and who’s ventured into sports entrepreneurship with Pro Panja League looks enviably fresh. Maybe it’s his good genes, as he mentions, or his commitment to early morning workouts. Either way, Dabas has us replicating his routine.  

How do you start your mornings?  

Parvin Dabas: I drink a glass of lemon and basil water. I then work out between 8-9. Ever since the pandemic hit, I’ve been working out indoors. I’ve always been a morning workout person because I like to get it out of the way.  

 Go-to grooming products?  

PD: I can’t do without my Philips hair clipper, since my beard grows really fast. You’ll also find a lot of beard creams and deodorants on my shelf.  

Grooming essentials you swear by?         

PD: I’m not a shaving cream guy and usually end up hoarding a lot of beard creams, especially those from Beardo.  

 Day and night fragrances?  

PD: Davidoff Cool Water for the day, and Prada or Issey Miyake for the evening.  

 How do you like your coffee?  

PD: Black. I do occasionally like a latte. I drink a lot of coffee, and now that I think of it, I need to cut back.  

What does breakfast look like?  

PD: Eggs in some form of the other. I often fast in the mornings. 

An instant mood-lifter.  

PD: Watching shows. It keeps my mind off all the stress.  

What’s your fitness routine like?  

PD: A mix of weights and functional training.  It’s usually an all-round body workout. I also enjoy running. A recent health setback has thrown me out of momentum but I’m gathering pace.  

Different news portals you check out in the morning.  

PD: I’ve always been a newspaper kind of guy. So, it is TOI, Hindustan Times and Economic Times in the morning.   

A sport you enjoy playing?  

PD: Basketball. I was on the school and college teams, and I still love playing BB. I feel it’s a great workout and involves a lot of cardio.  

What’s next in regard to work and the Pro Panja League?   

PD: We’ve managed to get some really good numbers in the first season. We’ve always had confidence in the sport. The team is working on mega-matches and a series in Dubai before the S2 of Pro Panja.  

And, a rest day looks like… 

PD: Chilling with the kids. Take them out for a movie, or a swim or a restaurant to eat.  

What’s on your playlist?   

PD: I love Punjabi music and a bit of House and Techno. I’m also fond of Badshah and Sidhu Moose Wala’s music. 

What are you currently reading?  

PD: Shane Warne’s autobiography titled, ‘No Spin’.  

Three things we’ll always find on your nightstand 

PD: A water bottle, phone, and a book. I try to read a little before going to bed if I’m not in the mood to watch a show with my wife.