With the Bulgari Man collection, Bulgari uncovers man’s authentic self, reconnecting him with his fundamental spirit. The new Bulgari Man Wood Neroli scent yet is another milestone in the brand’s olfactory journey and tells the story of man’s connection with the world around him. It creates a sensory experience around the instincts that keeps a man grounded, and the subtle balance between humanity and the elements.

It all began with the iconic Bulgari Man Wood Essence which was inspired by the wilderness of coastal Italy. The earthiness of the scent infused the line with a luminous link between man and nature. To create a fragrance that captures both wood and light, Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas focused on the moment when the Mediterranean sun warms the bitter orange tree and reconnects man with his purest and most essential values. 

In crafting the scent, Morillas envisioned man in nature, feet grounded in earth, skin warmed by the sun, connected to earth and sky — and, above all, himself.

In Bulgari Man Wood Neroli, the fresh and floral scent opens with notes of neroli, an essential oil extracted from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. Its citrusy essence is inflected with salt and bergamot, all of which conjure the unique beauty and ambience of the Mediterranean. The scent’s heart notes are composed of cedar and cypriol bathed in orange blossom absolute — warm and woody, it forms a heart of amber and leather that exudes the soothing and ancient majesty of the Mediterranean. The fragrance is anchored by the white musk accords that are a Bulgari signature. 

With a scent structure that uses every part of the bitter orange tree, Bulgari Man Wood Neroli acts as a metaphor for man himself, and his essential aspects. The roots of the tree are his anchor, his unconscious; the trunk, his physical body; branches, leaves and fruit symbolise his aura, or innate radiance. 

The Eau de Parfum’s bottle is a metallic gold that connects with the scent’s aim to invoke the elemental energy of the sun and the link between the wildness of nature and the modern urban landscape. 

Bulgari Man Wood Neroli is an essential tribute to the brand’s deep Italian roots.